Our Future

Our Future

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Aido is the next generation modular Service Robot specifically designed for Households, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Retail. Aido is designed to be set up out of the box with customizable software and hardware to program it for different environments. He uses a combination of audio capture, lidar, camera systems, and sensors to analyze the voice, gestures, and movements of customers; then autonomously informs, guides, and entertains them.


Wheel Mobility


Aido Wheel Mobility can be added to Aido One to allow Aido One to move from room to room. Using Aido One AI Mapping application and sensors, Aido can avoid obstacles and furniture to find you or check on something you want to see using our Smartphone remote application. Add this optional accessory and get the most from Aido One.

Ball Mobility

Ball Mobility

Aido Ball Mobility is our unique, exclusive one ball transport system. This state-of-the-art technology option can be added to Aido Pro, moving the robot from room to room on one round ball using our advance AI software to balance and propel the robot.

Fari is specially designed for older adults to give them everything they need to stay focused, connected, and engaged. Especially in cases when there is a lack of caregivers who can spend time to talk or watch. Fari interaction is easy and fun, and her powerful AI and Machine Learning modules make her even more helpful by learning what you like and need. Fari is your companion for your golden years. Fari looks, listens, and learns. She is intelligent, charming, and your best friend.

Senpai is the next generation educational robot platform: A state-of-the-art machine with unlimited possibilities at an incredibly attractive price point. Inspired by future technologies we wanted to create a completely different, original educational robot. The world's most magical educational robot; Senpai is designed to delight, educate, and empower children as they mature into responsible social adults in the 21st Century.

KOBE brings security, safety, companionship, health, and a connected peace of mind to your home, apartment, and condo. Always there waiting for you, greeting you, helping you, having fun with you, working out with you, and protecting you 24 hours a day. KOBE is the ultimate room-mate, a state-of-the-art robotics platform with unlimited possibilities.Inspired by trends in home health, fitness, security, and urban life-styles, KOBE will always be there for you.


When we set out to create Kaiser.HAUS, we wanted to design the ultimate smart home experience. Kaiser is incredibly powerful, yet simple to use. With advanced automation and integrated technology whose sole purpose is to make your home a truly delightful environment, Kaiser. HAUS is designed to automate some of the most advanced homes. We’re excited to introduce you to Kaiser.HAUS and to explore how your house can be transformed into the ultimate living experience.


Sentinel is a state-of-the-art software, sensor components, and hardware technologies to covertly deploy as a layered multi-sensor platform to detect, recognize, and combat active events including threats before they occur. Sentinel delivers highly accurate deep learning and AI based real-time event detections to deliver the most secure access control environment available; from parking lots to building interiors, wherever people and communities gather.